A horse's eye showing a strong reflection of the countryside. The text promises dependable supplements for a healthy horse
Race horses galloping at peak speeds while racing


We know Racehorses. Racing is our passion – it’s in our blood!

We have spent decades perfecting our products for Racehorses, and now you can share in our success, using our unique expertise to:

  • Achieve peak fitness levels,
  • Build up resistance, and
  • Minimise recovery times.

Our products help make your horse stronger, giving him the edge when competing with his fellow athletes!

A horse carrying its rider over a jump at an equestrian show jumping event

Show Jumping

Our products for jumpers are used by trainers and vets at the highest levels and on an international stage. PEAKHORSE has extensive, practical experience with preparing horses for show jumping from pony club to Puissance!

We have developed our Show Jumping products to help best prepare your horse for the challenges that the discipline brings with it.

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A horse and rider's performance at a three-day event. They are seen traveling over a high jump.

3 Day Eventing

At PEAKHORSE we understand the demands that 3 day eventing puts on your horse.

The toughest of disciplines needs the most effective preparation; from nutrition to recovery.
We have developed our specialised product range with an understanding of the specific needs of 3 day eventing.
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A relaxed young woman laying forward on a horse, it's healthy coat shining in the sun

PEAK Nutrition for your horses

PEAK products are formulated to give you the results you expect and want for your horses. The ingredients are  well thought out formulations of vitamins, minerals, herbs, healthy bacteria and natural proteins. We have supplied the horse industry for 20 years and our customers keep coming back. Please feel welcome to take a look around.


A show horse mid-trot carrying a rider while performing at a dressage event


At PEAK PERFORMANCE we understand the hours and hours of concentration that go to make a successful dressage partnership. Making the connection between you and your horse appear delicate and effortless takes time and patience, and a healthy horse in top condition!

We know we can help and we see the results time after time. Come and share with us!

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