Viva Tiernan, Managing Director at Peak Horse
 Viva Tiernan
Management & Global Sales


Sean Tiernan, Director at Peak Horse
 Sean Tiernan
 Product Development


A portrait of Bernie O' Reilly, accounts manager at Peak Horse
 Bernie O'Reilly
 Accounts Manager


A horse in profile as veterinarian Bernard Stoffel of Peak Horse stands beside it, holding its bridle
 Dr. Bernard Stoffel
 Veterinarian BVSc PhD
Product Formulation and Testing
Gabriela Mrozek, Peak Horse sales rep for Eastern Europe
 Gabriela Mrozek
 International Marketing 
Sales Eastern Europe


Niamh O'Donohoe, E-marketing specialist at Peak Horse
 Niamh O'Donohoe


Barry Sheehan, Webmaster at Peak Horse

 Barry Sheehan