• Encourages healthy bone, hair & hoof growth
  • Helps bring on good condition
  • Helps increase overall health & stamina
  • Can help to prevent muscle disease
  • Beneficial in areas where land is copper deficient

Copper is an essential mineral for horses and as many pastures are copper deficient, correct supplementation is essential. COPPERFAST is a new formulation of copper, quickly absorbed into the system with added Zinc, Vitamin E & Selenium.

COPPERFAST augments the level of copper in the blood, which is an essential ingredient in bone growth. Copper also acts as a catalyst in the assimilation of iron, which is required for the production of haemoglobin in the liver. It is a main component of connective tissue metabolism.

Research indicates that copper enzymes may also have a role in ‘mopping-up’ free radicals, which can contribute to muscle dysfunction caused by lactic-acid build-up.

COPPERFAST comes in gel form in 35 g oral syringes

*Before feeding COPPERFAST it is essential to establish that a copper deficiency actually exists.