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PEAK POULTEX is a Poultice Pad which is an equine critical care product for use as a poultice in horses and can help in wound healing and to relieve minor soreness and stiffness. It is a 100% cotton wool with a non-woven cover on one side and plastic backing on the other. It contains mild antiseptic plus natural poultice agent. Ideal for cuts, wounds, inflammation, abscesses, skin disorders and hoof conditions.

  • Cushioned and protective to help minimise more damage occurring to affected area.
  • Plastic backing prevents outside contamination, good for moisture retention and warmth for more healing power.
  • Wound dressing is economical as it can be cut to the size and shape to suit your specific needs.
  • Can be used as a cold poultice to reduce swelling, stiffness and soreness, strains, sprains, sore shins, splints, bruises, capped hocks/elbows.
  • Can be used as a hot poultice to draw infections and abscesses, for boils, infected and dirty wounds, cracked heels, thorns, laminitis, seedy toe, corns.
  • Can also be used as a dry wound dressing.

Available in:

Size: 20 x 40cm (8" x 16")

Colour: White

Presentation: 4, 10 and in a mixed pack of 4 PEAK POULTEX and 4 PEAK WRAPS

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