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This is a beautiful quality piece of equipment that will last a very long time.
Hand-made in soft leather with rubber using highest quality leather and brass fittings.
The PEAK Harbridge (French Martingale) is easy on the horse and it is comfortable and safe compared to many other martingales/harbridges.
A sheepskin sleeve is also available for additional comfort

The PEAK Harbridge can be used for riding, on the lunge, loose schooling work or breaking in. The device encourages the horse to adopt a long low profile while allowing freedom to bend laterally and naturally. It is not restrictive, it is very forgiving and encourages the horse to carry himself and in doing so build up muscles along the Topline making it natural for the horse to always work in a good shape within the capabilities of his conformation.

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  • Author: Mary Moore
    I love the PEAK HARBRIDGE, its so much kinder on my Horse and he seems to move more naturally than when wearing his previous martingale. He almost seems unaware that the PEAK HARBRIDGE is on him, where as before he was fighting against it. I would recommend this product without a doubt.