Weight 0.50 Kg
  • Helps combat both bacterial and viral infections
  • Only fed for 10 days in a month
  • Visible results after 5-7 days
  • Helps your horse reach its top fitness level without any side effects
  • Your horse bounces back quicker after competition and racing
  • Promotes speedy recovery from illness and injury
  • Brings the Immune system to its top capacity
  • Foals developments improves and gives them more muscle mass
  • Encourages increased fertility in mares and stallions
  • Contains PEAK Protein, which has strong physiological features

    EQUI-PEAK is a unique product that contains the PEAK protein, which helps horses to bring their body system up to or back to its individual top physical condition. We believe there is no other product like it.

    EQUI-PEAK can help your horse to its most formidable state. That is why EQUI-PEAK has such a positive effect on so many aspects of the body functions as listed above.

    Use EQUI-PEAK to make sure the horse gets through its season without any viruses or colds that will affect his ability to race or enter competitions. By using EQUI-PEAK you can do your most to make sure the horse is healthy so he can follow the career path that you have set out for him.

    Recommended Dosage:

    Adult horses (Competing Horse, Broodmares and Stallions 400 to 500 kg): 30ml per day for 10 consecutive days per month.

    Foals between 6 and 15 months old: 15ml daily for 10 consecutive days per month.

    Note: This natural supplement is only given 10 days per month and it will remain in the horse's system for the remainder of the month.


    EQUI-PEAK is available in powder form in 200g tubs and 3 x 200g tubs.

    EQUI-PEAK does not contain any prohibited substances. For animal use only.



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    Active Ingredients:
    PEAK Protein (potato protein), soya (bean) extracted and toasted, Vitamin E,  Selenium.

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    • Author: Tom Cooper, Racehorse Trainer
      I give my best horses EQUI-PEAK throughout the season so I know they have the best possible chance to stay on top and avoid viruses and they have a real chance to do well. I also give it to a horse that needs to come back from being ill or just down in himself. I don't know any other product that can lift a horse like this.