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Glucosamine from PEAK PERFORMANCE

We have "the world's best Glucosamine" - so our customers say. It simply works incredibly well.

Welcome to our new Homepage. This page is here temporarily while we work on the new online sales website for PEAK PERFORMANCE.   Requested by our customers - we listen to you.

Our natural range of horse nutrition products is in big demand. Our customers give us their feedback, which we greatly appreciate, and we learn from them and hear time after time how our PEAK products have helped their horses. When using our products the results are clear and the horses’ improvement very visible. The fact that our customers continue to order from us year after year proves that our formulations work. We know our customers and help them to find the best solution for their horses' nutritional needs. We are proud to be able to offer products that help the horses stay healthy, full of vitality and physically in top form. Whether it's for Thoroughbreds, Showjumpers, 3 day Eventers, Ponies, any type of horse, young or old - PEAK PERFORMANCE offers nutritional supplements that suit each of these horses specifically and which can help them reach their PEAK health. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, our customers, and we look forward to looking after you and all new customers in 2011.  Kind regards,  The PEAK Team

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David Hayes from Gloucester

“Thanks for all your help over the last few years. I know you’re always there to help on the phone when I need it. – David H., Gloucester”

Paula Murphy in Dublin

“In these demanding times I feel there are many horse supplements on the market however using the products from the PEAK HORSE range gives me the confidence that I’m receiving the highest quality in supplements. PEAK HORSE supplement are highly concentrated and are of a high grade ensuring maximum effect to the horse. I recommend the PEAK HORSE supplements to all my equine clinic customers”

Michael Doyle from Cork

“. . . Loved the syringes – first time I’ve been able to feed supplements without getting covered in them! – Michael, Cork”

WIND-EZE - Opens up the airways and eases breathing

  • Eliminate coughs
  • Open airways

WIND-EZE is a liquid feed supplement that combines a number of substances that have an established positive effect on the upper airway.  WIND-EZE works by reducing the resistance to the inflow and outflow of air to and from the horse’s respiratory system.

Feed WIND-EZE to horses that show signs of stuffiness at exercise.  It is also a good idea to feed WIND-EZE to horses that need more work and time to reach fitness. WIND-EZE is available in liquid form.

Sarah Arquette from France

“I continuously use PEAK HORSE supplements as I am extremely happy with the quick results and I am very content with their staff and their professional ability is second to none. They deliver their supplements when they say they’re going to deliver them, and I’m never let down. Most of their products are in a liquid or paste form therefore I find the horses I train gain the benefits a lot quicker than other forms. Their success is in the quality of their product”

Belinda Sewell from Surrey, UK

“the syringes are brilliant as I dont have to give my jumper his supplements in his feed. This is especially important as I want him to have all the benefits of his PEAK product but not have a feed before his event”

PEAKS - Strong Pre and Post competition electrolyte

  • Replace lost fluids
  • Give orally after racing

PEAKS is designed to replace electrolytes that are quickly lost through racing and hard work. PEAKS is a blend of essential electrolytes, vitamin C and E and Glycine (Amino Acid) in highly concentrated form.  Feeding PEAKS restores a horse’s electrolyte level if excessive sweating, saliva production, and/or diarrhoea occurs.

Acute need is indicated by:

Travel induced stress, increased work rates, hot weather or infections resulting in excessive sweating and/or diarrhoea.

PEAKS is available in liquid form and can either be fed directly using the oral syringe provided or mixed in a feed. When feeding PEAKS ensure that the horse has access to water at all times.

DIGEST+ - Super Probiotics - enhances the digestion and keeps the gut healthy

  • A strong preventative for gastric ulcers
  • Improves stomach environment
  • Improves digestion
  • Improves condition and performance

DIGEST+ is a natural feed-supplement that is designed to improve feed conversion within the digestive process.  DIGEST+ provides a dose of highly effective bacteria, which secret enzymes that break down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates into easily absorbed nutrients.  DIGEST+ also provides probiotic bacteria that help prevent pathogenic bacteria from becoming harmful.

DIGEST+ comes in powder form and is used to be fed on a continuous basis. It comes in conjunction with an oral syringe DIGEST+ Boost which is given to condition the gut prior to the powder feed process.  DIGEST+ Boost also works to control gut acidity and alkalinity.

DIGEST+ Boost - A concentrated paste of probiotics

  • Given for up to a week as a concentrated course of probiotics
  • Used to restore a healthy stomach environment
  • An essential follow-up to any antibiotic treatment to get the gut back to normal

DIGEST+ Boost is available in 35g syringes.

COPPERFAST - A well thought out copper combination in a paste

  • Encourages healthy bone, hair & hoof growth
  • Helps bring on good condition
  • Helps increase overall health & stamina
  • Can help to prevent muscle disease
  • Beneficial in areas where land is copper deficient

Copper is an essential mineral for horses and as many pastures are copper deficient, correct supplementation is essential. COPPERFAST is a new formulation of copper, quickly absorbed into the system with added Zinc, Vitamin E & Selenium.

COPPERFAST augments the level of copper in the blood, which is an essential ingredient in bone growth. Copper also acts as a catalyst in the assimilation of iron, which is required for the production of haemoglobin in the liver. It is a main component of connective tissue metabolism.

Research indicates that copper enzymes may also have a role in ‘mopping-up’ free radicals, which can contribute to muscle dysfunction caused by lactic-acid build-up.

COPPERFAST comes in gel form in 35 g oral syringes

*Before feeding COPPERFAST it is essential to establish that a copper deficiency actually exists.

EQUI-HEEL - Your first aid in a cream – for cuts, mud rash, skin irritations

  • Incredible healing for any type of wound
  • Heals and leaves no scar, hairs grow back as normal
  • Fantastic results on mud rash
  • Very good for sore heals

EQUI-HEEL is an ointment for use on any area where skin has been harmed and for horse’s skin that is exposed to wet and muddy conditions.  It maintains its effect in adverse ground conditions. EQUI-HEEL contains extract of plantain, marigold oil and natural vitamin E. EQUI-HEEL is available in 500 g tubs.

SHIN-EZE - A regenerative gel for tendons, joints and soft tissue

  • The best gel for sore shins
  • Regenerate heat to injuries
  • Increase blood flow to injuries
  • Unique – For both hard and soft tissue

SHIN-EZE is a gel that works to reduce shin discomfort which is often associated with exercising and/or competing on hard ground or strong exercise activity for young horses that are still growing.

SHIN-EZE contains a combination of extracts of comfrey root, marigold oil and menthol. The extracts of comfrey root, which include tannin, assist in the maintenance of proper cell metabolism under adverse conditions. Marigold oil and menthol act locally to maintain good blood flow

SHIN-EZE can also be used in conjunction with COOL-IT to help soothe any discomfort in joint, tendon and soft tissue caused by incidents of over-work. SHIN-EZE is available in 500 g tubs.

COOL IT! - A strong cooling gel – a must for any horse yard

  • For cooling down injuries
  • Unique – For both hard and soft tissue

COOL-IT is a gel that combines the beneficial effects of pure chestnut and menthol plant extract.  The natural extract of chestnut has a strong cooling effect when placed on stressed muscles, limbs and soft tissue. The oils and menthol assist in the maintenance of good circulation essential for proper operation of the musclo-skeletal system.

COOL-IT can also be used to tighten and soothe horses’ tendons, ligaments and muscles.  It is beneficial when massaged into muscles and lower limbs after competition or strong work. Use COOL-IT in conjunction with SHIN-EZE gel to aid recuperation for working muscles. COOL-IT is available in 500 g tubs.